Responsibility means being responsible.

I’m so tired of chasing people’s responsibilities. If I can only let them do my responsibility they would probably come to their senses and be responsible even in small things. It’s not my intention to scold people of their being irresponsible, indolent, and being so un-driven, but I can’t control my anger fester and my mouth to say things to them. Sometimes, I utter unfamiliar words when I’m out of restraint, without knowing, I hurt others by saying distasteful words.

Others say to be careful of words that leave your mouth, but I can’t deny the fact that I do say careless words when I get really angry. Being careless, can cause disconnection and gap in every relationship, but it doesn’t mean that I have to be perfect with the way I speak to people, because I’m doing this so they won’t be tolerated and they wouldn’t be irresponsible.

In some certain situations, I tend to draw near them in a nice way to get what I need and for them to think I’m not being rude. But when I do that, they do not grant me a quick and a job well done. I know I have to be humble most of the time, so there would be a symmetrical relationship between me and the people I work with and demand results from them. But if ruling with an iron fist means getting the job well done, then I’d have to be strict and use necessary means and least for the time being until they determine what responsibility is.


20 thoughts on “Responsibility means being responsible.

    1. Hello laughtermedicineforthesoul,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Your daughter might as well can truly relate to my situation. I was simply trying to express that some people should sometimes do things without waiting for motivation from someone else, especially on small things.

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  1. I understand your feelings. One of the beautiful things about people is how different we all are. What motivates one, may anger another. If you are in a position on power, “The Boss” as it were, it is upon you to find what motivates each individual you lead, then implement a daily routine to stimulate their thinking into wanting to get more done. Some need praise, some need space. Some work well with others, some not. The challenge for you is to sit back, and look for the signs from each person, than build on them.

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    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for taking time to read my post. I’m glad that you were able to convey your thoughts on my blog post. I appreciate your advises and I will surely apply them for good. You’re feeding me a sincere elucidation that I can treasure. Thank you so much for that.

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    2. @weird guy, that is really a good insight. I’ve always thought that to be a leader you need to stick to one approach. For me that has always been to let people do their work, give credit where credit is due and only interject when necessary. I always thought that to motivate you need to give praise sometimes even when it’s not warranted to boost morale. I haven’t thought that each individual may require a different approach.

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  2. is natural.people like only praising of thier works.may be it is wrong.ur angerness is natural becuase u have a honest heart n mostly people do niot care n mock on being honest.u r a true guy so donn’t care others n do as ur heart last truth wins.plz u should learn about of self control for ur happy life.

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  3. I really appreciate the way you write…I love words, and you have a wonderful vocabulary….and, I also really appreciate your message….you are very insightful and thoughtful and it is clear that you seek to find a balance when it comes to communicating and your efforts to bring out the best in others. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. A lot of people have not yet understood that we have responsibility from day one as we are born, it’s a sad thought … but remember … we are not born alone in a world where there is only me mom and dad! But millions of other lives! And each and every other life demands it’s respect ! Acting Otherwise is being irresponsible. Live long and prosper! Have a beautiful cloud free weekend.


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