Just figuring things out.

70 days have gone by, the remarkable day just came at my door. I can’t precisely elucidate how my inner being consumed me. I asked myself, will you be able to contend everything? Are you ready and sure of this? I slowly crawl back to the memories, I tend not to express how it slowly made me outside. Breathing deep, trying to hoist the remaining strength I have and wherever this decision leads me, I’m more than ready.


It hits back and form squares on my  face, I was attempting to reform my face by simply controlling the feeling. I thought I almost touch the end of the bridge until I figured out, I was not even starting to cross the bridge. Then here I am, like a colorful balloon floating in the air, waiting for the direction of the wind. Waiting for the right spot, a place where  I can comfortably arrived. Wishing to be picked up and can bring me back to the place where I belong.

Will I just keep figuring things out? Will I be just hiding in my sinking hole? Will I be comfortable to stay inside the barred cell?  Will I be able to get my inner strengths to walk along this journey? But of all the questions looming overhead, one thing I’m sure of, I am not lost, I am just finding back who I was and who I am in the future.

19 thoughts on “Just figuring things out.

  1. This kinda struck me. I’m the phase where existential crisis hits. I always tell myself that I haven’t figured out much in life and that it’s okay. But at some point, my anxiety gets the better side of me and takes over. Then *poof* I’ll look down on myself and think that I’m so left behind in life. But yeah, how I wish I could tell that to my family without judging me.


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