Sugbo Mercado: It’s more than a taste, it’s an experience!

The bustling, happy chaos of a biggest weekend food market in Cebu is your chance to discover and taste Sugbo’s best food and meet the locals.Tantalize your taste buds and really get a taste of Sugbo by sampling some of the many specialist food items, particularly for city folk escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life.

There’s no more dependable way to end your day, but trying the delightful load of food from Sugbo Mercado.It’s rainy season already and the year is chugging on. Rainy season is the time when blues kick in, maybe because of the cold weather, and a perfect way to beat them is spiced up and load your plate with delicious food.

Stunning Cebu, the top of the Visayas Island and blessed with its own tropical climate, is undeniably beautiful, wonderfully laid-back and home to a treasure trove of food and Cebuano culture as well. Sugbo Mercado is where delectable food producers, creators, makers and food lovers come together to savor the abundance this City has to offer. It’s more than a taste, it’s an experience!

Well known beanery’s in Cebu in a form of food stalls in Cebu Mercado, gathered together in one spot to let the people of Cebu and visitors from different places to taste the rich culinary delights of Sugbuanon.

Exactly like some of us, who is not real fond of eating in a restaurant, this is actually a perfect chance to taste the different specialties coming from the different beanery in Cebu. A friend of mine who invited me for dinner brought me to this place, coming closer to Sugbo Mercado is already inviting, truly the food whiff made me hungry. It’s a real hard sometimes when you have a lot of choices laid before your eyes, but just like how you choose to whom you go out on a usual romantic date, is the same thing when you pick food that is close to your heart or you just want to try it.

Sugbo Mercado has a load of options varying from Southeast Asian street food to comfort viand and affordable delicious meal on your dinner. Feast your eyes as you cram your famished stomach, experience nothing but a true gastronomic adventure that would really satiate your taste buds.

If you’re also fond of adding an extra beauty of art in yourself, there’s also a stall displaying handcrafted accessories.


What made Sugbo Mercado stands to be romantic in its own way is the live performances by guest bands, serenading the customers while enjoying their food.

Happy eating guys!

There are actually two branches of Sugbo Mercado, one is in Garden Bloc in IT Park and the other one is in Cebu Business Park.


Sugbo Mercado Garden Bloc in IT Park is Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:00 PM-1:00 AM

Sugbo Mercado in Cebu Business Park is Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 PM-12:00 MN!

35 thoughts on “Sugbo Mercado: It’s more than a taste, it’s an experience!

  1. This is in Lahug right, the IT Park? Been there and to be honest, there were a lot of more affluent peeps. I was taken aback hahaha. But will comeback to eat for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i totally got lured in here by that burger photo, it look so yummy! and a weekend food market with live band? sounds like heaven for me. but may i clarify on what’s a beanery?


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