CATHAY PACIFIC: How Does It Feel Like To Take Flight With The WORLD’S best AIRLINE?

There was a difficulty of evading fear, but  the humble sound of comfort hovering above me, a feeling that I’m trying to accommodate as I’m trying to understand with all its weight, defying gravity and how the left and the right wing manage of staying aloft. I was taking my backpack with a question and a picture of the future painted on the back of my brain. Does it safe to think and guess what would happen inside?  I learn to trust and gave my trust once more without doubts forming inside me. It is like offering my life to the stranger with a risk I know I should weigh, but life is about taking risks to appreciate and take in the beauty of what real life is all about.

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I stepped to its door while the sudden alteration of the winds slowly revealing while confidently touching my surface. I was greeted by the comforting smile of a pretty flight attendant as if she’s trying to convey the idea of ensuring my safety and  a comfort while on board. I smile back with a hope and a tiny sound of beseech forming inside me as I’m hoping to get to my destination safe and sound.

I was slowly walking to an aisle while looking for my seat number. It wasn’t truly sync with a thought that I’m finally inside the airplane, I saw different faces as they respectively represent their own races. The environment altered like how an unpredictable weather changes.

I pass by a far different world within the airplane, the first class which is occupied by elite people, the business class, Premium Economy class and the Economy class which was what I had. The Economy class is situated in the surcease part of the plane. The world I’m currently embracing at that moment has never been existed in my extensive dream. Inside the plane, it owns a 3 row with 3 seats each row. I had confidently taken a deep breathe while preparing for the take off. Each seat has its own monitor television entertainment where you can choose from movies, TV, music, games and publications which would keep you entertained while being on board and that drudging feeling you’ll possibly get while flying will never happen when you’re flying with Cathay Pacific.

Apart from owning a monitor television entertainment, they as well provide a headphone for you to enjoy watching movies and listening to your favorite music. When you feel like you want to hug someone cause you are cold enough to make it as a reason, don’t worry cause they provide a jacket while on board.

The sudden enticing smells touching my nose without calling its attention, but I couldn’t help not to observe, so I saw the cabin crew seems to be busy preparing for dinner. I haven’t had any experience having my meal while on board so I’m a bit excited not because I’m hungry, but the notion of having your dinner while on board is something new to me.

The defining moment came, the cabin crew had asked me what would I want for dinner, a signature noodle or the oriental chicken? I’m a kind of person who never said no when chicken is being offered. The oriental chicken tasted really delicious which comes with veggies and fruit. What I also love about Cathay Pacific is serving unlimited drinks, from carbonated drinks and juices to their signature wine which you can always ask from their flight attendant. I’ve tasted their Ginger ale, which is really good, I’ve had apple juice and requested for wine after dinner.

The delicious Oriental Chicken with Veggies and fruit for dinner while on board
A glass of wine while on board

The whole time I was flying with Cathay Pacific was a memorable experienced. The cabin crews always pay attention to my request. They are friendly and always guarantee your safety. A world class airline with a world class service. No wonder they have been recognized anywhere in the world. Assuring the comfortable flying experience while on board without leaving you hungry and being entertained.



Cathay Pacific Airways is an international airline registered and based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to more than 110 destinations around the world.

Cathay Pacific is deeply committed to Hong Kong, where the Company was founded in 1946. They continue to make substantial investments to develop Hong Kong’s aviation industry and enhance Hong Kong’s position as a regional transportation hub. In addition to their fleet of aircraft, these investments include catering, aircraft maintenance and ground handling companies, as well as their corporate headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport. Cathay Pacific and its subsidiaries and associates employ over 20,000 staff in Hong Kong. The airline’s two major shareholders are both Hong Kong companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, as is Cathay Pacific itself.

Cathay Pacific is the major shareholder in AHK Air Hong Kong Limited, an all cargo carrier that offers scheduled services in the Asia region and is a shareholder in Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited.

Cathay Pacific is also a founding member of a one world global alliance whose combined network serves over 700 destinations worldwide.

Cathay Pacific’s vision is simple – to be the world’s best airline. Being the best means they strive to excel in everything they do.  This includes putting the safety and well-being of their people and customers first, contributing to the communities they fly to and continually improving their environmental performance. Their commitment to excellence and their sense of responsibility is driven by the motto of the Swire Group, our principal shareholder: “Esse Quam Videri”, meaning “to be, rather than to seem to be”.

For booking and be updated about their special promo on their flights, you can suss out their website at Cathay Pacific.



I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to Ma’am Goldie and Sir Serafin Uy, Jr. For sponsoring my 4 nights and 3 days stay in Hong Kong and for letting me experience flying with Cathay Pacific. This is one of the memorable travel I had so far and I’m so happy for having this. Thank you again and God bless you both and your family.

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