Halo-Halo Festival: A Giant Halo-Halo That Can Feed 1,000 People In Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat

The festivals that we know most are naturally grandiose and colourful with street parades, dancing, live music and so much more. But Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat has jumped off from the usual bandwagon. Just last April 6-8, 2018 they have celebrated their 2nd Halo-Halo Festival with a full bundle of exciting activities.

They have shown their rich culture through body painting where their town’s talented young artists were only given a certain time to finish their art work. Apart from body painting, a float parade and mascots, which has a Halo-Halo theme have made the festival extraordinary and fun. There are also games for kids, and the old ones, which has become part of the remarkable festivities.

Merely, the most anticipated part of the Festival is making the Giant Halo-Halo that can feed of around 1,000 people. It has become so popular that it has gained the attention of the National TV Programs and some videos has become viral online.

There are around 32 Halo-Halo stalls, and they are situated in the same place near the Public Market of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. Perchance, it is the only Halo-Halo stalls in the Philippines that looks like all 32 stalls are being fastened together, which means they embrace unity more than any competition that it can possibly get. All 32 stalls have participated in the said event and pulling in the giant Halo-Halo has become possible through them.

So, what is Halo-Halo? It is actually a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of sheared ice and evaporated milk crowned with a home made various ingredients and served in a bowl. But what makes the Halo-Halo in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat stands out among the other Halo-Halo in the Philippines is the various ingredients, which has a twist that will surely salivate your taste buds to ask for more. And because of more than 30 Halo-Halo stalls situated in the same place, Esperanza is fanning its name as the Halo-Halo Capital of the Philippines.

Truly, the Halo-Halo Festival of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat has become the epitome of the friendly, warm and sweetness nature of the people in Esperanza. It is instantly the most awaited festival in the Philippines and expect a better and grandeur Halo-Halo Festival in the coming years.


15 thoughts on “Halo-Halo Festival: A Giant Halo-Halo That Can Feed 1,000 People In Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat

  1. This festival looks like so much fun! I love the colorful body paint and costumes. And the giant halo halo looks delicious. I have never eaten halo halo, but I hope to someday!


  2. Wow, this is a unique festival! It looks like a delicious dessert, and very refreshing too for summer I can imagine. I love the photos, especially the people dressed as corn and other fruits I guess!


  3. That looks like a really interesting festival. I love visiting places during unique festivals like this. The Sultan Kudarat looks amazing 😀 It seems so yummy and love the photos, the photos looks so great because of all the colors 😀


  4. This is interesting. Also, the photo of the giant halo-halo makes me crave to eat one… lol! It’s been a while.

    The photos are quite appealing. I think I’ll consider visiting festivals if time and money permits.


  5. OH MY. I never knew there was such a thing as a halo-halo festival in Sultan Kudarat! Everything looks so yummy and traditionally Filipino. I haven’t been to Mindanao actually, I truly hope I get to backpack around there to experience the different provinces.


  6. I neither knew about the dish halo halo nor the festival. The body painting is really impressive. And the giant meal that can feed 1000! You know what makes the dish all the more interesting? So many people involved in preparing it and so many feeding from it! Brings on the community spirit.


  7. Drooling!! I miss eating halu-halo. Not the kind you make from bottled ingredients but the kind that you buy from stalls who make it fresh every order. This is a fun festival plus it makes me crave for halu-halo. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Actually, I am like a pregnant woman now craving for halo halo while reading your post. How I wish, we also have that Halo Halo Fiesta Festival in here. This post is really in time because of the extreme hot weather. I feel less productive now because I suffer from headache due to the hot weather. From your photos, I think that it is one of the happiest fiestas in Sultan Kudarat.


  9. I was just asking you in anothe post of yours what the halo-halo festival is about then voila, here’s your post about it. That giant halo-halo is crazy! Never seen anything like it in my life and I’m not sure if I could get all the ingredients that I want in a halo-halo if it’s presented like that.

    But I like it the idea of a halo-halo festival, just looking at the photos the event looks like it was so much fun.


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