Churchill, Manitoba, Canada: Welcome To The Polar Bear Capital Of The World (Things To Do & Places To See)

Churchill is a small town in Northern, Manitoba, Canada and peacefully situated on Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Churchill River. Possibly, this is one of the best places to visit in Canada that will surely leave you in awe. There are a bunch of things to do here, five of which are the amazing Beluga Whales Watching, exploring the Fort Prince of Wales, experience the stunning Northern Lights, bird watching, and the most famous one is the close encounter with wildlife, like the Polar Bears or some called it as Tundra Buggy Tour. That being said, Churchill has been recognized as the “Polar Bear Capital of the world”. And because of this, their tourism Industry has started to grow.

Five Things To Do In Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bear Watching

Possibly, the Polar Bear is one of the most fascinating kind of bears. Their ability to hunt and the stamina needed to survive the Arctic Tundra is truly beyond compare. Moreover, they are skilled swimmers and are uniquely adapted to life on the ice, which they can swim for several days without stopping. So, when you visit Churchill, Polar Bear Watching or some called it as Tundra Buggy Tour is one of the best things to do. And you can experience sighting these adorable polar bears in their innate state.

Photo Credit: Iain Shield

Perhaps, if you want a hassle free trip to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and just enjoy the Polar Bear Watching, then Grand American Adventures can be a big aid to plan your trip.

Photo Credit: Iain Shield

Swim or snorkel with Beluga whales

Aside from experiencing a close encounter with adorable Polar bears, another great thing to do in Churchill is swimming or snorkeling with Beluga Whales. These giant whales are world’s most loved white whales. Moreover, these Beluga whales can be found in the aquamarine waters of Hudson Bay, which serves to be their home where they can freely move to eat, socialize and breed.

Photo Credit: Brandon Presser

Additionally, these Beluga Whales are also dubbed as the “Canaries of the Sea”, where they have a unique characteristic of innately having an ability to communicate and echolocate through a calculated series of chirps, whistles, and creaking door sounds. And having said that, they are highly sociable deep sea creatures.

Explore Port Prince of Wales

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to know about the rich history of one place, then Fort Prince of Wales in Churchill is a place that you should visit. This fort isn’t that big, and you can have a short walk up along a wooden pathway where you can see how beautiful and interesting this fort is. Ambling around would give you a glimpse of the past, while listening to your tour guide. You’ll surely love about the history of fur traders, and everything that Fort Prince of Wales has to proffer. Additionally, you’ll be seeing the cannons on site, which are alleged to be the original cannons for the fort.

Photo Credit: Peter R

NOTE: Bring binoculars since, Polar Bears can be spotted in the area surrounding the fort. Please obey all signs concerning Polar Bear safety as well.

Experience the stunning Northern Lights

Perhaps, seeing the stunning Northern Lights or also known as Aurora Borealis is everybody’s dream to experience. In fact, some of my friends are straining to save money from their hard earned money exclusively for their Northern Lights experience. Hence, what is Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis really means? The Aurora Borealis is actually a natural phenomenon that is induced by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with atoms in the upper atmosphere. And, in other words, it is a collision of excited solar particles with atmospheric gases. And when this occurs, you’ll be seeing a neon light show or a curtain of light glow in a rainbow of colours, which can last for minutes or even days at a time.

Photo Credit: Jen Avery of Thrifty Nomads

Moreover, the best time to visit the Northern Lights is during cold, dark nights with clear skies, especially during winter when the nights are longer, colder, and clearer. And, Churchill is not the only place where you can find these stunning Northern Lights, you can as well experience the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Sweeden, Norway, Russia, and Alaska, USA.

Bird Watching in Churchill

If you’re the kind of traveler that love to experience  bird watching or with a birdwatcher’s interest in mind, then Churchill, Manitoba in Canada is a place for you. And knowing that bird watching in Churchill own a unique location in the tundra, taiga, coastal and boreal forest environments, it is truly  a birder’s paradise. Moreover, there are more than 250 species of birds to be enjoyed and seen in the area.

Photo credit: Bruce Di
Labio (Bird name: Northern Shoveler )

If you want to experience bird watching, you can contact the Churchill Wilderness Encounter, which is a local tour company that provides a significant resource for bird watching enthusiasts.


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  1. Wow, awesome trip Little Lai! I dream to see the Aurora Borealis! I heard though that they don’t last long. Just a few minutes. I dunno how true….


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