Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental: The City Of Good Life – Travel Guide, Things To Do, Where To Go and Eat

I was supposed to travel back to Cebu after my backpacking trip in BukidnonCagayan De Oro City and Iligan City, but I decided to explore the Province of Misamis Occidental for two days. After a day of chasing waterfalls in Iligan City, I directly travel to Ozamiz City, then go straight to Oroquieta City. I stayed a night in my friend’s home, since I arrived in Oroquieta City right after the sun has already set below the horizon. And so, on the following day, I explore Oroquieta City and all its nearby tourist spots with a help of a friend.

Oroquieta City or best known as “The City of Good Life” might not have fanned its name in the Philippines. But, unbeknownst to many travelers, this City has a lot to offer that would definitely surprised you. If you’re a kind of traveler who likes to be with nature, experience a laid-back city, love to have a gastronomic adventure, delve in its rich history and culture. Then, this is a perfect place for you, because Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental will get you covered.

So, I was blessed to have a day tour around Oroquieta City, and explore the nearby tourist attractions that have transcended my expectations. I never knew that this City could be the next thing in the tourism Industry because it has been quiet for a long time. Hence, my recent trip to Oroquieta City had made me decide to make a travel guide, which includes visiting to its top tourist attractions, things to do, where to go and eat, and a lot more.


Understanding The Brief History of Oroquieta City’s Name

Top Tourist Attractions

How To Get To Oroquieta City

Where To Eat In Oroquieta City

Going Around Oroquieta City

Understanding The Brief History of Oroquieta City’s Name

Exactly like any town or City in the Philippines, there’s always a City’s old name. So, Oroquieta City was known as “Layawan” way back before. Agreeing to the City’s recorded history, the first settlers found a lot of stray animals along the river, and they called it “Layawan”, and that’s where “Layawan” came from, which later on was changed to Oroquieta City in 1880 – and named after the famous barrio in Spain. Additionally, there’s actually another version where the City’s name was derived. They said that it is a combination of “Oro”, which means gold — the rich mineral where early inhabitants found in the river, and “Quita” or “Kita”, which also means to find. But, whichever version is true, nevertheless, Oroquieta is truly a City of good life where water is abundant and a safe place to settle if you’re about to retire.

Top Tourist Attractions

Isko Resort

Isko River Resort is located in Toliyok, Oroquieta City. Honestly, I was not surprised when I knew that there are a bunch of River Resorts in Oroqueta City, since this city is known for being abundant in water. The cold and fresh water of the river is actually from Mt. Malindang. Probably, this is one of the cleanest rivers I’ve seen in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a place to douse yourself during summer, then Isko Resort will get you covered. Moreover, you’ll also be seeing a lot of River Resorts along the way, such as Tars Riverside Garden, Mialen Community Anthurium and Riverside Garden.

Libadatama Dam (City Dam) or Layawan River

Perhaps, this is one the reasons why Oroquieta City is very proud because this River has been very consistent in being Awarded of the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran for being the cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines. The River that flows to the Resorts mentioned above is the same river that flows down to this Dam. This place is ideal for swimming as I’ve seen a lot of kids who enjoyed the river during my visit. I’ve also seen people washing their clothes near the river.

Oroquieta City Public Plaza And Seawall

This is I guess the best place to chase sunset in the City. During late afternoon, a lot of local people stroll around this area to meet with friends and bond. Also, if you’re a kind of traveler that loves different kind of street foods, then this is the place for you, since there are a lot of food vendors around.

The seawall was made to protect the City from the rising sea levels and destructive floods, but it has turned out to be the best spot to just chill and relax while enjoying the sea breeze kissing your surface.

This was taken during sunset.

EL Triunfo Beach

The El Triunfo beach is located in the heart of Oroquieta City. This has been the favorite beach of many locals, since it is very accessible. Unlike many white sand beaches that we love, this is very unique, since it owns a small strip of black sand. It may not look so enticing because of the black sand, but believe me, the water is crystal clear.

Beside this beach, there’s also a few numbers of floating cottages, and most locals are spending their time with their family here during the Sunday. Moreover, big events like family gatherings and birthdays are being held here as well.

Costa Del Sol Resort Hotel

Perhaps that Costa Del Sol Resort Hotel is the only premier Resort located in the heart of Oroquieta City. What I love about this Resort is the simplicity of the facade, but when you get inside, you’ll be stunned by such beauty and very elegant. They have a large pool, clean and green environment, fully equipped kitchen, garage space, and everything else you can think of during your stay, this Resort will get you covered. It is actually a family owned private Resort, which is the only beachfront resort hotel, that you can find in Oroquieta City – the capital of Misamis Occidental. Possibly, its prime and convenient location is what makes this Resort stands among the other nearby Resorts in town. It is very safe, and planning to stroll around the City is just a walk in the park because it’s very close to the City center.

Photo Credit: Costa Del Sol Resort Hotel

Oro Zipline – Oroquieta City

Perhaps, one thing that we look forward whenever we visit a certain place is to experience something that will break us out shell. And, if you’re the kind of person that is subdued by nature, perhaps exhilarating activities like Zipline will surely be an opportunity to challenge yourself and broaden your horizon. That being said, Oro Zipline in Oroquieta City is something that you should try. It is located in P-5, Villaflor, Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental and it said to be the longest Zip Line in Northern Mindanao with a distance of 2.3 Kilometer and a height of 800 feet. Having to try this will grant you an opportunity to see the lush green forest and the Layawan River in a perfect bird’s eye view. Apart from that, you can enjoy this at any position you’d wish to experience, such as tandem position, sitting position and superman position. Moreover, they practice world class safety standards with well trained personnel. They are open daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. And for the Zip Line fee, the regular rate is Php 450.00 per head, or Php 500.00 per head with certificate. Sometimes, they also have promo rate, kindly check their Facebook page here for more updates.

Photo Credit: Oro Zipline – Oroquieta City

There are more to see in Oroquieta City that I wasn’t able to visit because I didn’t have a leisure time during my visit. Nevertheless, I would still be happy to list down the remaining spots that you can enjoy in the City of Good life.

  • Misamis Occidental Provincial Capitol Building
  • City Museum
  • Ciriaco H. Hanging Foot Bridge
  • Sebucal Hot Spring – Actually, we were supposed to visit this Hot Spring as I’m always curious about natural wonder just like Hot Spring, but since it is located around 10 kilometers from the City Proper, we didn’t continue our sojourn to the said Hot spring. Hopefully, I can go here on my next visit soon.
  • Marine Sanctuary – Barangay Mobod. If you’re a huge fan of diving, then this is a place for you. It is a facility maintained by the Government to preserve its beauty and protect its richness in marine resources.
  • Mt. Malindang Natural Park – I really want to climb this mountain soon. This is located within the Malindang mountain range in Mindanao, straddling the provinces of Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Norte, and Zamboanga del Sur.

How To Get To Oroquieta City

Getting to Oroquieta City is not a problem, since it is very accessible by Air, Land and Sea. In fact, this can be reached by a different point of entry. You can get here via Ozamiz City, Dapitan and Dipolog. There are flights available from Manila, Cebu and other parts of the Philippines bound for Ozamiz City and Dipolog City. Moreover, there are also Ferries that sail to Ozamiz City, Dapitan City and Dipolog City from Cebu City, such as Trans Asia Shipping, Cokaliong Shipping, Lite Ferries, and George and Peter Lines Inc.

From Ozamiz City

Perhaps, this is the nearest point of entry if you travel to Oroquieta City. From Ozamiz City, ride a Bus (Rural Transit) or Van, bound for Oroquieta. The travel time from Ozamiz to Oroquieta City is less than an hour, and the fare is around Php 50.00 (Via Van) and Php 60.00 (Via Bus).

From Dipolog City

Ride a Bus (Rural Transit) or Van, bound for Oroquieta City. The travel time from Dipolog is 2-3 hours and the fare is around Php 120.00.

Where To Eat In Oroquieta City   

As a food addict like me, looking for a place to eat is something that I always consider whenever I visit a new place. So, during my visit to the City of Good Life, I was granted a chance to try some of their luscious food, and this is what I’m going to share with you guys.

Oroquieta City  Halang – Halangan

Just before I started ambling around Oroquieta City, my friend told me about this one. Possibly, a visit to the City of Good life will not complete without trying their local dish, called Halang-Halang. Halang-Halang literally means spicy in Cebuano. In other parts of Mindanao and Visayas, it’s actually a chicken dish with coconut milk and mixed with long Chili. But, in Oroquieta City, this dish is not chicken with milk, but they use beef, and perfectly cut in bite sized. The beef is simmered in broth until it gets tender. Truly, this food is something that you should try when you visit Oroquieta soon.

Try their luscious Street Foods near the City Plaza.

Ambling around the City Plaza of Oroquieta for a gastronomic adventure is surely one of the best things to do when your in the City of good life. Honestly, I’m not really a huge fan of street foods, except for Balot and kwek-kwek – I’m a huge fan of these street foods ever since. And so, It was late afternoon when I stroll around the plaza to wait for the stunning sunset, but I ended up having a foodtrip. A boatload of street food options on display, which will surely make your stomach happy and make your day complete. During my visit, there were a lot locals who enjoyed the street foods as well.

The Walking Plate

This food place is actually located in the City proper. It is a snacks and desserts boutique, which they serve an array of luscious food snacks, such as Burgers, Sandwiches, Pasta, flavored Fries, Fresh Fruit shake and more.

During our visit, we ordered Tuna & Egg sandwich with fries, which comes with a free drink for only Php 90.00. Also, we had their signature dish, a luscious Chicken Alfredo Pasta with a toasted bread, which also comes with a free drink for only Php 129.00. If you are someone who is looking to satiate your craving for snacks and desserts, then this is a perfect place for you.


Honestly, I’m not really a huge fan of Milk Tea, but I usually buy once in a while. I was actually on my way to buy my boat ticket back to Cebu that time when I had a chance to visit this Maiteacupp Milk Tea Station. And since it was really hot that time, I couldn’t think of anything that would ease the hot weather, so I went inside this tea place to buy my favorite wintermelon Milk Tea. The place is not that big though, but it is peaceful and clean. The staff are very accommodating and I love their genuine smile while taking my order.

Going Around Oroquieta City

The City of Good life is not like other Cities that has a lot of modes of transportation. And because this City isn’t that big, going around is very easy. In fact, the only public transportation that they have around the City is a tricycle. Yes, you read it right! This only means that this City is a place of serenity within the City, because there is no unbearable traffic to experience here. Mimimun Fare here is Php 10.00.


8 thoughts on “Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental: The City Of Good Life – Travel Guide, Things To Do, Where To Go and Eat

  1. Oroquieta definitely sounds perfect for me with its minimal tourism, rich history and robust nature! Plus I love trying unique street foods and those white sandy beaches are absolutely calling to me.


  2. Sounds like a very underrated place to visit! I didn’t know that these cities all had old names so which is quite interesting. The river looked like it was moving quite quickly so I’m surprised to hear kids swim in it!


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