Mimbalot Falls: The Most Accessible Waterfall In Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, And Part Of “Iligan’s Tourism Triangle”

Staying a night in Win Min Transient Inn, Cagayan De Oro City from our backpacking trip in Bukidnon has given us a chance to renew our strength on the following day before heading to Iligan City. Our Original plan was to actually visit the stunning waterfalls in Iligan City, such as Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls and Mimbalot Falls, or they are best known as “Iligan’s Tourism Triangle”. But, since we felt like we can no longer take the 500-steps winding staircase of Tinago Falls, and we likewise consider the location of Maria Cristina Falls. Hence, we settled to only visit the Mimbalot Falls, since this is the most accessible waterfalls in Iligan City comparing it to other stunning waterfalls. Besides, me and my other friend have already visited the said waterfalls, except for the other friend, James, which he can invariably go back to Iligan City, since Iligan City is only around 3 to 4 hours of drive away from where he is from.

Mimbalot Falls or some spelled it as Mimbalut falls, perhaps because this is the name that has been registered in google map. Mimbalot Falls may not look like majestic comparing it to Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls, but its innate beauty where an endless water rushing from the upper side, and paving its way to the rocks downstream is very calming and stunning, that would definitely leave you in awe.

Moreover, it is located in Brgy. Buru-un, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, and it is approximately eleven (11) kilometers drive away from the city proper, and less than one (1) kilometer from the National Highway, or the drop off area going to the Falls. And, this is perhaps the reason why Mimbalot Falls has never failed to attract visitors because it is really accessible. Additionally, it owns an estimated height of around 90 feet of water drop and 18 feet wide facade, that owns a different perfect spot for water massage because of huge rocks around the place. Likewise, because of these huge rocks, you wouldn’t be seeing deep catching basin like any other waterfalls that you have been to. Perchance, this is what makes Mimbalot falls stands unique amongst the other waterfalls in the Philippines.

So, upon reaching Mimbalot falls entrance, we were asked to write our name in their log book, as this is their way of monitoring the number of visitors in a day, and where they come from. And, since we will only be visiting Mimbalot falls, and decided not to go in the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park, we didn’t pay the PHP 50.00 entrance fee. Honestly, I was shocked when I knew that there is Resort in the area where they offer an exciting activities, like Zipline, cable car, horseback riding and kayaking. Probably, because the falls don’t have a natural catching basin, or a natural pool, that’s why they constructed several man-made pools and lagoon, so other visitors can enjoy the place as much as possible.

Right after writing our name in their log book, we already notice the enticing water, and several visitors at that time have already been enjoying the place. I saw several visitors that were already soaking their body in the water, which was the same water that flows from Mimbalot falls. Then, we walk for a few seconds to get close the Falls, and there – we saw the Mimbalot falls in its entire glory. Truly, the falls doesn’t have a natural catching basin, that could be a perfect place if you want to swim. Nonetheless, at that time, there are a few visitors who get to take advantage of the small pools around the huge rocks, so they can drench their body.

And since we didn’t get a cottage to place our huge bags at that time, we simply put them in a certain place where can still take a look at it at a distance. Then, we began looking for a perfect spot where we can take a photo of the Mimbalot falls. Personally, I didn’t plan to get wet at that time, but since my friend Junji of Wandering Feet PH was asking if I can take off my shirt and go close to the falls, so he can take a photo of me. And, who wouldn’t love to grab the offer from someone you’ve admired in blogging and mobile photography? And so, I immediately went closer to the falls and follow his instruction, so I can have a perfect picture, and Mimbalot Falls is my backdrop.

Photo Credit: Junji of Wandering Feet PH

As I got closer to the falls, I was struggling because the water that flows in between the huge rocks beside me was really strong. But even so, I manage not to move for about 8 seconds, since my friend is taking a long exposure shot. At that time, I discovered that the water is not really that cold, maybe because it was during the summer time when we visit Mimbalot Falls. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the place and the innate beauty of Mimbalot Falls that it has to offer.

We didn’t stay long at Mimbalot Falls, since we need to travel back to Mahayag, Zamboanga Del Sur and be there before it gets dark. And, precisely before we left the Mimbalot Falls, James of ASANASADSiJAMES prepared a toasted bread with Goya chocolate as the topping, since we brought a cook set where we used it in Panimahawa Ridge, Bukidnon 2 days prior to our visit in Mimbalot Falls. Also, the bread that he used was also the left over bread when we camp on Panimahawa Ridge.

Making certain that we have a food to nibble before leaving Mimbalot Falls is actually a good move, since we still have a long hour of travel, back to Zamboanga Del Norte. Merely, the plan has changed along the way, as I still don’t want to go back yet to Cebu on the following day. And so, instead of going back to Mahayag, Zamboanga Del Norte with them, I decided to explore Misamis Occidental for 2 days. Hence, my 5 day original backpacking trip was extended for about two days. I’m sincerely happy that Junji and James allow me without any negative thoughts. Indeed, they are one true friend.


Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park Fees

  • Entrance – PHP 50.00
  • Cottage – PHP 250.00 – PHP 500.00
  • Corkage Fee – PHP 10.00 – PHP 25.00


Though, the Province of Lanao Del Norte doesn’t have its own Commercial Airport, but it is nonetheless very accessible by Air and Land through the nearest point of entry, Cagayan De Oro City.

Hence, getting into the Mimbalot Fall is very easy, since it is accessible. So, here’s the step by step guide to getting to Mimbalot Falls in Iligan City.

There are daily flights from Manila and Cebu via major Airlines to Cagayan De Oro City. From Laguindingan International Airport, you can take a bus bound for Iligan City, fare is around PHP 150.00. You can also take the Super 5 Bus, their airport shuttle will drop you off at the National Highway where you will transfer to a Superstar Bus bound for Iligan City. Transit Bus also has trips from CDO to Iligan, available 24 hours a day.

You can as well ride a van bound for Iligan City from Laguindingan International Airport such as CDO Transco and Lord’s Transport.

There are also yellow taxis (Alphat Airport Taxi) and metered taxis, which are also available at the Laguindingan International Airport.

From Iligan City Terminal, there are 2 ways to reach the falls or go around Iligan City.

  • (1) You can take a motorcycle (habal-habal) – Many drivers would come offering you a tour around the city and a visit to other waterfalls, like Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls, and Mimbalot Falls for PHP 600.00 to PHP 700.00, which I think is overpriced. But, if you’re after for convenience, then this could be a consummate choice for you.
  • (2) If your budget could not afford a PHP 600.00 – PHP 700.00 tour to various tourist attractions in Iligan and you only want to visit Mimbalot Falls, then probably this is the best option for you. From Iligan Integrated Bus Terminal, ride a Public Jeepney going to the city proper then stop near or at the public market. The fare is around Php 8.00. Then ride another Public Jeepney bound for Brgy. Buru-un, then tell the driver to drop you in Miguel Canohoy Memorial School. Then, from the corner road to Mimbalot Falls or this is located across if you’re taking a Jeepney from Iligan City, just walk a few minutes to Mimbalot Falls. You can as well ride a Trisikad or Tricycle from the junction road to the Falls for only PHP 10.00.


Mimbalot Falls Travel Tips

  • Always check the weather when you go there for there is always a possible flash flood when it rains.
  • Be careful with the wet rocks, for they are very slippery.
  • If you wish to swim, make sure to bring extra clothes.
  • There are small food stalls available near the entrance area, but restaurants or eatery is not available. It is better to bring your own food.
  • You can also visit other nearby waterfalls to complete your “Iligan’s Tourism Triangle”, such as Tinago Falls and Maria Christina Falls by hiring a motorcycle or Habal-Habal
  • Above all PRAY before going to the waterfalls for God’s guidance and protection.
  • Please remember to Leave No trace Behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough. Bring your own trash bag.

12 thoughts on “Mimbalot Falls: The Most Accessible Waterfall In Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, And Part Of “Iligan’s Tourism Triangle”

  1. Wow! I am also from the Philippines but I haven’t really explored lots of places here. I’ve only been to Cagayan de Oro for a youth camp one summer and going back again this summer. I also haven’t visited the touristy places like Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, etc. I really need to explore the Philippines more


  2. So your long exposure picture of the falls is stunning. I hope that is in a frame somewhere! This resort is really cool, I would love to take my family there someday. It looks fun, adventurous and spiritual all in one.


  3. I went to the Philippines this year but one month is a way too short to see everything I wanted. This waterfall looks amazing and I am putting it on my list for the next time.


  4. I have not been to the Philippines yet, but I love natural areas, so I’ll put Mimbalot Falls on the list. The falls look incredible, and it’s good to know there is a resort there as well (for the kids/family). The kids would love ziplining and kayaking. Looks a bit off the beaten path, which I love!


  5. Looks like you found a pretty cool spot here. You’re sure exploring the heck out of the Philippines, You’re going to be an expert on the place!


  6. Thanks for sharing yet another cool place and gorgeous waterfall I’ve yet to discover in the Phillippines! There’s so much to see in this country. Definitely bookmarking this for my next trip 🙂


  7. This looks beautiful! There may not have been much of a pool at the base of the falls, but the pictures of it are still much more stunning than the man-made pools at the resort. Looks like a fun time and a great way to cool off!


  8. Mimbalot Falls looks worth visiting in Brgy. Buru-un, Iligan City. It is good that they are monitoring the count of visitors. Thanks for all the tips about carrying an extra pair of clothes and some food with us.


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